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Decisions! Decisions!

How do you choose between A or B? 

Well, if you’re anything like me you hit the Web and do a lot of research.  The Customer Decision Journey (the path your customer will take before they choose who to buy from) has changed.  It’s now the norm for your potential customer to do anything between 50-90{8da416ef67a5ef3f644495e7d6da55b478a914217a1a5c499584e6cc07c1ecfe} of their research before contacting you directly.  It can’t be any coincidence that digital advertising sales are still on the increase, up 13.3{8da416ef67a5ef3f644495e7d6da55b478a914217a1a5c499584e6cc07c1ecfe} on 2011. 

man having difficulty making a choice

Your silent sales force, your website needs to work harder than ever before.  And it’s here that video helps in so many ways : to engage your customer for longer, inform them about a product or services unique properties, show them how to use it and importantly help build customer loyalty.  More about that in our next blog.