Gravetye Manor

The Gardens of Gravetye

Early one summer morning as the sun was rising we entered the magical world of Gravetye Manor.  The birds were singing and a mist hung over the lake.  It was mid September but you could have been forgiven for thinking it was the height of summer as the sky cleared to a brilliant blue and warmed the mellow stone of the Jacobian house that stood proudly within it’s glorious gardens.  We’d like to share with you that wonderful time brought to life by the words of head gardener Tom Coward.

The Seasons at Gravetye

The Gardens at Gravetye look beautiful at any time of the year. From the first blooms of spring to the last snowflakes of winter.  You might have spotted that we have five seasons.  We think Christmas is such a special time of year that it deserves one all of its own.



Restoring the gardens 

When renowned horticulturalist William Robinson bought Gravetye Manor in Sussex back in 1884 he set about creating a garden that would delight the senses, a project that captivated him for over 20 years. No garden stands still however and the ravages of time and fashion had taken their toll, there was plenty for head gardener Tom Coward and his team to get on with.


A taste of Gravetye

The bountiful kitchen garden supplies produce for the hotel kitchen – a recipe for success!