Hollywood may have given robots a bit of a bad press at times but they will undoubtedly shape the future. RoCKin is a platform for robotics enthusiasts where they can share ideas, talk, learn and show off their creations.  The following videos show how Play It By Ear works with their clients.


RoCKin Camp Rome


While at RoCKin Camp  in Rome, one of the organisers filmed the event using a small hand held camera.  On returning to their London base they decided it would make a pretty good video for their website and asked us to do the honours of editing it for them.  It was great fun to do!  The robots do seem ‘alive’ and it felt a lot as if they were dancing!



With the event yet to happen, it was decided that the way forward was to create a graphics based promotional video.  They already had an idea of what they wanted and it was up to us to take their basic static graphics and turn them into a flowing video.